Weekend Menu


Devil Beef

Strips of beef meat pan fried with onion, green pepper and red chilli then dressed with sweet chilli sauce.

Daal Puri

Dry cooked lentils on puri breads. Served with tomato and red onion salad.

Salmon Somosa

Served with fresh salad.

Chicken Kebab

Lightly sliced minced chicken cake flavoured with fresh coriander, pan fried. Served with a salad


main dishes

Daal Machhi

Steam Sea Bass served with creamy lentils cooked with fresh tomato and garlic.

Coco Golda

-King Prawns cooked with coconut milk and red chilli in a fairly hot masala sauce.

Macher Jhul

Bengali style Sea Bream. Cooked with cauliflower and potato.

Chicken Chilli Masala

Chicken cooked with green chillies in a fairly hot masala sauce.

Nowabi Raan

Marinated over night with medium hot spices and mint than cooked on slow fire.

Coco Gobi

Cauliflower cooked with coconut milk and spices.



Chocolate Sin Sation

A chocolate pastry filled with layers of fudge and dark chocolate flavour mousse, topped with assorted chocolate pieces.